Dinner Menu


House Salad Mixed Baby Greens, Pickled Onions and Carrots, Dried Currants, Tomatoes, Balsamic Vinaigrette (8)

traditional Caesar Crisp Romaine, Rustic Croutons, House Caesar Dressing (9)

Kale Caesar Rustic Croutons, House Caesar Dressing (9)

Caprese Fresh Tomatoes, Lemon Zested Buratta Cheese, Sweet Pepper Jam, Herb Pesto Vinaigrette (12)

asparagus Roasted Asparagus, Arugula, Fennel, Fried Caper, Salsa Verde, Parmesan Shavings (11)

lobster and avocado Fresh Maine Lobster, Baby Greens, Sliced Avocado, Fresh Heirloom Tomatoes, Lime Avocado Cilantro Dressing (14)

Berries and Beets  Roasted Beets, Baby Rocket Greens , Blueberries, Sliced Strawberries, Rogeford Cheese Honey Horseradish Vinaigrette (10)

add chicken (5) add shrimp (6) add steak (10) add Lobster (MP)


SEa Scallops Seasonal Vegetables, Bacon Scallion Cream Sauce, Jasmine Rice (15/28)

SAlMON Baby Vegetables, Salsa Verde (24)

yellow fin Tuna Shitake Soba Noodles, Chinese 5 Spice Chili Lime Sauce, Pickled Carrots (14/26)

roddy’s chicken Crispy “Wellington Farm” Free Range Half Chicken, Garlic Smashed Red Skin Potatoes, Baby Vegetables (26)

Filet Mignon Garlic Smashed Red Skin Potatoes, Baby Vegetables (34)

Rib eye Cilantro Garlic Pommes Frites, Baby Vegetables (27)

lazy man’s paella Roasted Chicken Drumetts, Spicy Sausage, Mussels, Shrimp, Sofrito Broth, Spanish Rice (26)

Short Ribs Garlic Smashed Red Skin Potatoes, Baby Vegetables (15/28)



House Salad (5) ³ Caesar Salad (5) ³ Kale Caesar Salad (5)

Seasonal Vegetables (5) ³ Wilted Spinach (5) ³ Mushrooms (5)

Smashed Garlic Potatoes (6) ³ Roasted Potatoes (6) ³ Sweet Potato Fries (5)

Pommes Frites (5) ³  Truffle Parmesan Pommes Frites (7)

  Italian Sausage, Pepper and Onions (6)

small Plates

Cheese Board Chef’s Daily Selection (10) Add Charcuterie (5)

Olives Warm Assorted Olives, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Herbs, Crusty Bread (9)

Mac and Cheese House Blend, Seasoned Bread Crumbs (11) Add Lobster (MP)

Crab cake Panko Bread Crumbs, House Seasoning, Roasted Red Pepper Sauce (12)

Tuna Tartare Avocado, Cucumber, Citrus Vinaigrette, Saffron Wonton Crisps (14)

hog wings Trio of Dipping Sauces (11)

Chicken LoLLipops Zesty Curry Cilantro Glaze (8)

Veggie BurgeR Mixed Seasonal Vegetables, Baby Spinach, Sauce Vert Aioli (12)

Lamb LoLLippos Red Pepper Aioli, Smashed Potatoes (14)

fusion trio Chicken Lollipops, House Made Veggie Stack, Braised Short Ribs (12)

flat Breads

“Blu Stone’s Thin Crust Pizzas”

California Mozzarella Cheese, Cherry Tomatoes, Avocado, Arugula, Truffle Oil, Balsamic Reduction (13)

Mushroom Mozzarella Cheese, Wild Mushrooms, Sautéed Garlic Spinach (13)

Cheese Mozzarella Cheese, Traditional Garlic Red Sauce (11)

Sausage Mozzarella Cheese, Grilled Onions, Spicy Sausage, Traditional Garlic Red Sauce (14)

Flatbread du Jour Please ask Your Server for our Daily Flat Bread Selection (MP)



“All Sandwiches Served with Pommes Frites”

blu stone’s Burger Fresh House Ground Choice Sirloin and Prime Rib, Lettuce, Tomato, Grilled Onion, Cheddar Cheese (13)

Cuban Slow Roasted Pork, Salami, Ham, Gruyere Cheese, Pickle, Spicy Mustard, Flat Bread (14)

AHI Tuna Wasabi Sauce, Asian Slaw (14)

Veggie burger  Lettuce, Avocado, Tomato, Zesty Red Pepper Aioli , Grilled Flat Bread (9)

maine Lobster BLT Fresh Tomatoes, Thick Apple Wood Smoked Bacon, Cilantro Aioli (MP)

blackened Chicken Avocado, Lettuce, Tomato, Baja Dressing (12)

B L B PLate Fresh House Ground Choice Sirloin and Prime Rib, Lettuce, Tomato, Grilled Onion, Cheddar Cheese, Smoked Bacon, Fried Egg, Side of Mixed Baby Greens and Fries (19)