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Western Omelette                                                                 $9

Ham & Cheese Omelette                                                    $8

2 Eggs with Home Fries & Wheat Toast                             $6

Add Sausage or Bacon                                                            $7


Egg Sandwich                                                         $6

Served on an English muffin or Bagel with Mozzarella cheese

And your choice of Sausage or Bacon


Florentine Sandwich                                         $6

Egg Whites, Spinach, and Provolone Cheese

Served on Whole Wheat Toast


Buttermilk Waffle                                                               $5

Add Seasonal Fruit                                                                   $6.50


Bagel                                                                                  $3

Ask your server for today’s bagel selection,

Served with cream cheese or butter


Muffin                                                                       $2

Ask your server for today’s muffin selection


Cereal                                                                                 $3

Ask your server for today’s selection


Fresh Fruit Trio                                                                  $4

With Seasonal Fruit


Hot Oatmeal                                                                        $3

Served with Raisins and Brown Sugar


Healthy Parfait                                                                     $5

Choice of Yogurt Topped with Granola

& Seasonal Fruit 




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